Colombian Style Hot Dogs (Beef or Veggie)

Colombian hot dogs are dressed with  all kind of tasty and unusual ingredients such as Pineapple, Mozzarella Cheese, crushed potatoes chips, etc. I know this sounds crazy, but that’s exactly what makes these hot dogs so delicious. At Simon’s hot dogs we offer the same food experience for meat eatersvegetarians and vegans alike. Our hot dogs are made in a fresh and steamed bun. You can make a combo with french fries and soda.

 We also have some tasty Vegan Hot dogs

Colombian Sweet Pineapple, Crushed Potato Chips, Mozzarella Cheese and our exquisite Simon’s Sauce. This is a must try, don’t miss it! (Beef or Veggie or Vegan)


Cowboy Artisan Meat chili and Mozzarella Cheese, You’ll love it! (Beef, Veggie or Vegan)

Chili dog

Tokyo Madness Teriyaki onions, Wasabi Mayo and Toasted Sushi Nori. Full of flavor and is not spicy!! (Beef or Veggie) Note: The Picture is showing the Veggie Tokyo


Hola Amigo Creamy Avocado, Philadelphia or Tahini and Jalapenos. Creamy and Spicy. ** (Beef, Veggie or Vegan)


Wunderhund Mustard Relish made of Dill pickles, Fresh Onions, Mayo, Mustard and Spicy Peruvian chiles and Bacon bites on top. (Beef, Vegetarian or Vegan)


Sonoran Cousin Refried beans, fresh cut Onions, Bacon bites and Jalapenos or Banana Pepper on top. (Beef , Veggie or Vegan)


Bratwurst Traditional Served in a bun with Spicy Mustard and Sauerkraut. ** (Bratwurst or Beef, Veggie or Vegan)


Loka Bratwurst Served in a bun with Spicy Mustard, Mayo, Jalapenos and Sauerkraut. (Bratwurst or Beef, Veggie or Vegan)

Other Treats

Chili Fries Unique and totally delicious handcrafted recipe. (Beef, Veggie or Vegan)

Chili Fries

Chili Fries

Maicitos Sweet Corn, Cheese Mix, bacon bites and Crushed Chips on top. (Regular or Veggie)


Patacones Fried Green Plantains with Guacamole and Hogao (Refried Tomatoes and onions sauce, a staple in Colombian cuisine)!


Salchipapas A typical South America snack. Fries served with sliced hot dog sausages and topped with Salsa Rosada (Simon's sauce) .!

Salchipapa, Fries sliced hot dog and Simon's sauce

What’s for dessert?

Alfajor A delightful cookie that sandwiched with dulce de leche that melt in your mouth. These cookies are popular in 🇨🇴Colombia and almost all Latin America. And of course we have a vegan version too. .!



Craft Beers

Craft Beers

Colombian Sodas

Colombian Sodas